Screwdriving Dataset


We collected data from over 8,000 screwdriving operations for small screws. It is currently the largest dataset for screwdriving. For each screwdriving operation, we collected multi-modal sensor data which includes video, 6-axis forces and torques, motor currents, motor speeds, motor encoder readings, robot positions, and linear potentiometer readings. 

The video below is from a successful screwdriving operation.


Over 93 combinations (93 runs) of screwdriving operating conditions are performed. For description about our robotic screwdriving system, screwdriving procedures, and operating conditions, please refer to our dataset writeup (Chapter 3 - 4 in this thesis).

The detailed description about screw sizes and screwdriving operating condition for each run can be found below:


Downloads:  data (5.48 GB), videos (4.3 GB)